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Previous Seasons


2017-2018 season 


Another change of  day and venue for our 88th season,  which took place in the Ivor Gurney Hall on Sunday afternoons.  This has proved extremely popular and so we will continue with this arrangement for our forthcoming season.

Sunday 8 October 2017 - Angela Brownridge - piano

Beethoven - Sonata in C, Op 2 no 3, Chopin - Fantasy in F minor, Op 49,
Debussy - Preludes: Feuilles Mortes. Ce qu'a vu le vent de l'ouest, Beethoven - Sonata in F minor, Op 57 "Appassionata", Chopin - Andante Spianato & Grande Polonaise, Op 22
Gershwin - The Man I Love, Fascinating Rhythm & I Got Rhythm, plus improvisations on Gershwin songs.

Sunday 5 November 2017 - Rosamunde Trio

Mozart - Piano Trio in G,K564, Brahms - Piano Trio in C, Op 87, Ravel - Piano Trio

Sunday 3 December 2017 - Kodály Quartet

Haydn - String Quartet, Op 54 no 1, Dohnányi - String Quartet no 2, Beethoven - String Quartet, Op 59 no 3

Sunday 21 January 2018 - Laura Snowden - guitar

Bach - Cello Suite no 3, Snowden - Anpao, Berkeley - Sonatina, Torroba - Sonatina, Sor - Variations on a Theme of Mozart, Regondi - Introduction and Caprice

Sunday 18 February 2018 - Pelléas Ensemble

Corelli - Trio Sonata Op 3 no 2, Bartok - Suite Paysanne Hongroise, William Matthias - Zodiac Trio, Bax - Elegiac Trio, Britten - Lachrymae, Debussy - Sonata for Flute, Viola and Harp

Sunday 18 March 2018 - Raphaela Papadakis - soprano, James Cheung - piano 

Haydn - English Canzonets - The Mermaid's Song; She never told her love; Fidelity
Schubert - Goethe Lieder - Ganymed D544; Die Sterne D939; An dem Mond D296; Gretchen am Spinnrade D118
Schumann - Frauenliebe und-Leben, Ben Foskett - new compositions, Brahms - Wie Melodien zieht es mir; Die Mainacht; Von ewiger Liebe; Meine Liebe ist grün, Britten - Folk Song arrangements


2016 - 2017 Season

The historic Chapter House at Gloucester Cathedral was our new home for our 87th season which included much of the English music for which we have become known, and included two world premières. We shared two concerts with the Piano Trio Society plus birthday celebrations with two composers - Anthony Payne in his 80th birthday year and Adrian Williams at 60. Concerts were on Saturday afternoons, starting at 3.00pm. 

Saturday 1 October 2016 - Primrose Piano Quartet with Daniel Roberts (violin)

Anthony Payne - 80th birthday tribute

Bax - Piano Quartet in One Movement, Anthony Payne - Piano Quartet (2015), Bridge - "Phantasy" Piano Quartet in F sharp minor, Elgar arr Payne - "Mina" and "Salut d'amour", Elgar - Piano Quintet in A minor Op 84 

Saturday 5 November 2016 - Fidelio Trio

In association with the Piano Trio Society

Moeran - Piano Trio, Adrian Williams - Piano Trio - World Première 
commissioned by the Piano Trio Society in memory of Dr Christopher Wynn Parry MBE
Stanford - Piano Trio no 3

Saturday 26 November 2016 - Bedriska Trio

In assoication with the Piano Trio Society

Schubert - Notturno, Christopher Brammeld - Piano Trio - World Première, Bridge - Russian Waltz, Rimsky-Korsakov - Piano Trio in C minor 

Saturday 18 February 2017 - Rupert Marshall-Luck (violin), Duncan Honeybourne (piano) 

Bliss - Sonata, Whettam - Solo-violin Sonata no 1, Havergal Brian - Legend, Delius - Sonata no 2, Holst - Five Pieces, Gurney - Sonata 

Saturday 25 March 2017 - James Gilchrist (tenor), Benjamin Frith (piano), Louise Williams (viola) 

Britten - Canticle 1 - "My Beloved is Mine", Howells - Elegy, Venables - "Through These Pale Cold Days" - second UK performance of this song cycle for tenor, viola and piano
Schubert - Auf dem Strom, Schumann - Märchenbilder, English songs by Gurney, Finzi, Vaughan Williams, W Dennis Browne, Dubery and Dring

Saturday 15 April 2017 - PIVA

"Measure for Measure"

Running the gamut from village green to stately court, bringing alive music from Elizabethan theatre.

2015 - 2016 Season 

Thursday 15 October 2015, 7.30pm - Carducci Quartet

Haydn - String Quartet Op 33 No 2 "Joke", Shostakovich - String Quartet no 4 in D, Beethoven - String Quartet Op 18 no 4 in C minor

Thursday 5 November 2015, 7.30pm  - Kodály Quartet

Haydn - String Quartet Op 76 no 4 "Sunrise", Kodály - String Quartet no 2 in D, Kodály - Intermezzo,
Webern - Langsamer Satz, Beethoven - String Quartet in F, Op 1 

Saturday 27 February, 2016, 3.00pm - Octavo

Acelebration of English landscape, language and love, weaving together consummate depictions of all three ranging from the early music of Gibbons, Weelkes,  Wilbye and Byrd to Richard Rodney Bennett and Howard Skempton, via Elgar, Vaughan Williams, Delius, Finzi, Ireland and Holst  

Saturday 19 March, 2016, 3.00pm - Christopher Boodle (organ)  

Anon - Martialement Tromba, Thomas Arne - Con Spirito (from Organ Concerto), Sweelinck - Variations on "Unter de Linden grune"
Handel arr Boodle - Hornpipe from the Water Music, J S Bach - Prelude and Fugue in G major BWV 541, Haydn arr Boodle - Finale (from Symphony no 88), Hermann Schroeder - No 6 of Kleine Praludien und Intermezzi, Reginald Hunt - Gavotte and Musette from A Little Suite
Herbert Howells - H H His Fancy from Lambert's Clavichord, Hindemith - Sonata no 2, Christopher Boodle - Eine Kleine Chromatische Fuge, Christopher Boodle - Allegro (no 1 of Six Studied for organ commemorating the births of Bach, Handel and Scarlatti)

Saturday 16 April, 2016, 3.00pm - Astaria Quartet   

Schubert - String Quartet Op 29 in A minor, Mendelssohn - String Quaret Op 13 no 2 in A minor, Dvorák - Cypresses nos V, VI, VII & VIII 


2014 - 2015 - 85th Anniversary Season 

Thursday 2 October 2014 - Benjamin Appl - baritone, James Cheung - piano, pre-concert talk on Dichterliebe - Stephen Johnson

Schumann Lieder Op 40, Op 107, Op 53 no 3 and Op 48 Dichterliebe

Thursday 6 November 2014 - Baker Street Brass 

Lutoslawski - Mini Overture Dowland arr. Jackson - 4 Movements from Lachrymae McCabe - Rounds for Brass Rowley - Knots and Mirrors - World Première Arnold - Quintet no 1 Jenkins - Mnemonyx Hazell - Three Brass Cats Sherwin arr Gale - A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square

Thursday 4 December 2014 -  An evening of music by Howard Blake with Howard Blake - piano, Madeleine Mitchell - violin, Rosalind Ventris - viola and Peter Adams - cello

Piano Trio no 3 Elegia Stravagante - UK Première, Pennillion for cello and piano,  Violin Sonata,  Prelude for Solo Viola,  Piano Solo - Impromptu from Lifecycle,  Piano Quartet 

Thursday 12 February 2015 - Jubilee String Quartet

Haydn - String Quartet in B minor, Op 33 no 1,   Mozart - String Quartet in B flat major, K589,  Mendelssohn - String Quaret no 2 in A minor, Op 13

Thursday 12 March 2015 - Ellipsis with Susie Self: Susie Self - composer and mezzo-soprano, Melanie Ragge - oboe, Robert Manasse - flute, Susanna Stranders - piano

Quantz - Trio Sonata in C minor , Philippe Gaubert - Madrigal,  Vaughan Williams - Two Blake Songs - Infant Joy, The Piper, Grieg - Notturno from Lyric Pieces Op 54 no 4,  Susie Self - Dymock Dreams - World Première, Schumann - Romance no 1 from Three Romances Op 94,  Quilter - Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal , Herbert Howells - King David, Ivor Gurney - Sleep,   Susie Self - Cosmic Lion Goddess,  Kern - Can't help lovin' that man Gershwin - Foggy Day

Saturday 18 April - The Goldfield Ensemble

Concert 1 - 3.00pm

Howells - Rhapsodic Quintet,  Boodle - Piano Quartet - World Première,  Bliss - Clarinet Quintet,  Rubbra - Piano Trio in One Movement, Op 68

Pre-concert talk: 6.30pm - Ian Venables                                                       

Concert 2 - 7.30pm

Ireland - Piano Trio no 2 in E minor , Bridge - Piano Quintet, H49a,  Venables - Clarinet Quintet,  Howells - Piano Quartet in A minor, Op 21

2013 - 2014 

"In Memoriam" 

Our first two concerts saw us joining with other local societies in a Gloucester Festival of Britten which marked the centenary of the birth of Benjamin Britten.  Our season also commemorated composers affected by the wars of the 20th century as we approach the hundredth anniversary of the start of the First World War and we included a special programme inspired by Ivor Gurney. 

Thursday, 24 October 2013, 7.30pm - Duo Karadys - Carol Hubel-Allen (viola), Alan MacLean (piano)  

Britten - Lachrymae, Bliss - Sonata for Viola and Piano, Op 91, Vaughan Williams - Romance, Shostakovich - Sonata for Viola and Piano, Op 147  

Thursday, 14 November 2013, 7.30pm - Fitzwilliam Quartet

Vaughan Williams - String Quartet no 2 in A minor, Britten - String Quartet no 3, Op 94, Schnittke - Canon in Memory of Stravinsky, Shostakovich - String Quartet no 3 in F, Op 73

Thursday, 30 January 2014, 7.30pm - rescheduled to 8 May - Villiers Quartet

Alan Bush - Dialectic, Whettam - Hymnos Quartet, Delius - String Quartet

Thursday 27 February 2014, 7.30pm - Mattijs van de Woerd - baritone,  Shuann Chai - piano, René Samson - composer

"Only the Wanderer Knows"

A programme inspired by Ivor Gurney's love of walking, including a specially composed musical fantasy on the life and work of Ivor Gurney by René Samson which received its world première

Janácek - On an overgrown path (piano solo), Finzi - Summer Schemes, Howells - Wanderers, Gurney - Black Stitchel and Severn Meadows, Vaughan Williams - Linden Lea, Butterworth - On the idle hill of summer
Schubert - Der Kreuzzug, Über Wildemann, Fahrt zum Hades, Der Lindenbaum, Der Musensohn
Schumann - Die Flüchtlinge
Duparc - L'invitation au voyage, Le manoir de Rosemonde, La vie antérieure
René Samson - "Walking into Clarity" - a new work paying tribute to Ivor Gurney

Thursday 27 March 2014, 7.30pm - Conchord Ensemble with James Gilchrist - tenor

Bliss - Piano Quartet in A minor, Op 5, Gurney songs: Sleep, Black Stitchel, Severn Meadows, In Flanders, Korth - War's Embers, Elgar Piano Quintet in A minor, Op 84  

2012 - 2013

"A Pageant of English Music"

Our Society is becoming known for its programming of English music and this season presented "A Pageant of English Music" which opened with a recital by our President, Julian Lloyd Webber,   featuring music by Ireland and Delius.  For our second concert we had our fifth world première this year with a performance of Matthew Taylor's Piano Sonata by Mark Bebbington. English music also featured in the organ recital of Ian Ball and The Cappella Singers and in the programme by the Absolute Zero Viola Quartet. We also welcomed the Kaunas String Quartet  from Lithania who opened their hugely successful UK tour in Gloucester with a programme which included the String Quartet in C minor by the Lithuanian composer Ciurlionis.

Thursday 20 September 2012, 7.30pm - Julian Lloyd Webber- cello,  John Lenehan - piano 

Bach - Adagio in G, Claude Debussy - Cello Sonata (1915), Frederick Delius - Caprice and Elegy (1930), Frederick Delius - Cello Sonata (1915), Frederick Delius - Romance (1892),John Ireland - Cello Sonata in G minor (1923)

Thursday 25 October 2012, 7.30pm - Mark Bebbington - piano

Ivor Gurney - Sehnsucht; The Sea (manuscript); Prelude in Db major,Arthur Bliss - Four Masks,Matthew Taylor - Piano Sonata - world première,

Ian Venables - Dyson's Caprice,John Ireland - Sonata

Thursday 22 November 2012, 7.30pm - Ian Ball - organ

Giovanni Gabrieli - Ricercare del VIII tono, John Bull - Ut,re,mi,fa,sol,la, Jan P Sweelinck - Variations on Mein junges Leben hat ein End, John Stanley - Voluntary in C, Op 5 no 1, J C H Rinck - Variations on Ah vous dirai-je, Maman Op 90, Jacques Ibert - Musette from Trois Pièces, John Ireland - Miniature Suite: Intrada; Villanella; Menuetto-Impromptu, Edward German - Shepherd's Dance from Suite Henry VIII arr. Lemare, Jean Françaix - Cérémonie des signatures; Formation du cortège; Sortie from Messe de Mariage

Thursday 24 January 2013, 7.30pm - concert postponed due to absolute zero conditions - Revised date: Thursday 11 April 2013, 7.30pm - Absolute Zero Viola Quartet

Edward Elgar - Sursum Corda, York Bowen - Fantasie for Four Violas, Henry Purcell - Pavanne and Chaconne, Frank Bridge - Cradle Song, Gustav Holst - Suite, Engaño - Story of Two Minstrels; Blue Syncopation, J S Bach - Quartet Sonata, Tomaso Albinoni - Sinfonia in D, Ludwig van Beethoven - Satz für Brarschenquartett, Pyotr IlyichTchaikovsky - Aveu Passionné, Mendelssohn - Saltarello

Thursday 21 February 2013, 7.30pm - The Cappella Singers conducted by Philip Colls

C Hubert H Parry - Never weather-beaten sail; There is an old belief; Come, pretty wag, and sing, Gustav Holst - This have I done for my true love; I sowed the seeds of love; I love my love, Britten - A Hymn to the Virgin; two Flower Songs, Tavener - Funeral Ikos, John Ireland - The Hills, Richard Rodney Bennett - The Hour Glass, Blatchly - Hallelujah; An Interval; The Songs I had (in memory of Tom Fenton); Five Shakespearean Aphorisms

Thursday 14 March 2013, 7.30pm - Kaunas String Quartet (Lithuania)                                                                                                                                                 Edvard Grieg - String Quartet in F (unfinished), Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis - String Quartet in C minor, Franz Schubert - String Quartet no 13 in A minor, Op 29, D804 "Rosamunde" 

2011 - 2012 

Time for Trios

A season exploring music written for three performers, including three world premières and links with the Spectrum Festival, Slovenia. There were two additional concerts - a fund raising concert for the Carducci Trust, and, in Olympic year, "The Olympianist", a piano recital given by Anthony Hewitt as he cycled from Land's End to John O'Groats!


Thursday 22 September 2011 - The Carducci Quartet

Haydn - String Quartet in Bb major, Op 76 no 4 "Sunrise" ,  Shostakovich - String Quartet no 10 in Ab major, Op118, Mendelssohn - String Quartet in F minor,no 6, Op 80   
Thursday 13 October 2011 - Lendvai String Trio 
Sibelius - String Trio in G minor, Dvorák - "Drobnosti" Op 75a, Beethoven - String Trio in G major, Op 9 no 1, Beethoven - String Trio in Eb major, Op 3 

Thursday 17 November 2011 - Amael Piano Trio 

Lucijan Marija Skerjanc - Maestoso Lugubre, Milko Lazar - Five short pieces (2001), Piazzolla - Oblivion, Verano Porteno, Schubert - Adagio in Eb major, "Nocturne", D 897, Op.posth.148, Brahms - Piano Trio in C minor, Op 101

Thursday 19 January 2012 - Rautio Piano Trio 

Beethoven - Piano Trio in G major, Op 1 no 2,  Gilbert Biberian - Piano Trio - World Première,  Frank Bridge - Phantasie Piano Trio in C minor (1907), Ravel - Piano Trio in A minor 

Thursday 16 February 2012 - New Horizons Trio  

Genevieve Davisson Fritter - Three Movements,  Francois Devienne - Trio Op 19 no 1, Pierre Gabaye - Sonatine,  Roma Cafolla - Sonata and Miniatures, Telemann - Trio Sonata in E minor, Gordon Jacob - Three Inventions, Cambini - Trio Op 45 no 6,  Mervyn Burtch MBE - Diversions for flute, oboe and bassoon - World Première 

Thursday 22 March 2012 - Jeremy Huw Williams - baritone, Christopher Allen - cello,  Nigel Foster - Piano

Purcell - Music for a While, Man is for the Woman Made, If Music be the Food of Love, Brahms - Sonate für Klavier und Violoncello Op 38, Paul Mealor - Twilight,  Brahms - Drei Lieder Op 59 and Zwei Lieder Op 91, Susie Self - song cycle on the Dymock poets - World Première 

 Monday 14 May 2012 - Anthony Hewitt - The Olympianist  

Schumann - Abegg Variations, Schubert - Impromptus from Op 90, Beethoven - Sonata no 30 in E major, Op 109, Chopin - Barcarolle, Janácek - Sonata 1:X:1905 "From the street",  Scriabin - Sonata no 4 in F sharp, Liszt - Hungarian Rhapsody no 2


2010 - 2011

From Bach to Boulez 

Gems from Bach featured alongside 20th century composers including Bartok, Britten, Elgar,  Tavener,  Villa Lobos and Whettam, with a special 85th birthday tribute to Pierre Boulez.

Thursday 14 October 2010 - Patricia Rozario (soprano) and Craig Ogden (guitar)  

Gerhard – Cantares,  Bach – Prelude, Fugue and Allegro BWV 998,  Villa Lobos – Bachianas Brasileiras no 5, Tavener – Melina; Epistle of Love,  Torroba – Sonatina,  Tarrega – Recuerdos de Alhambra,  Rodrigo – Four Songs

Thursday 18 November 2010  - Quatuor Parisii

Bach – Art of Fugue,  Beethoven – Grosse Fuge in B flat major, Op 133,  
Boulez – Livre pour Quatuor 

Thursday 20 January 2011  -  Andrew Whettam – Percussion calls the Tune

J S Bach – Prelude and Fugue in Bb no 21; O Haubt voll Blut und Wundern,  Graham Whettam – Marimba Sonata,  Andrew Whettam – Just Now; Cuban Adventure,  Clair Omar Musse – Etude in C, Op 10 no 6,  Keiko Abe – Memories of the Seashore,  Lennon/McCartney – Yesterday,  George Gershwin – Summertime; I’ got rhythm,  Minoru Miki – Time for Marimba,   George Botsford – Black and White Rag,  Errol Garner – Misty,  Jerome Kern – All the things you are

Thursday 17 February 2011  - Margaret Faultless – violin,  Adrian Partington - piano

J S Bach – Sonata in A major BWV 1015,  Beethoven – Sonata in F major “Spring”, Op 24,  Elgar – Sonata in E minor, Op 82,  Bartok – Roumanian Folk Dances 

 Thursday  17 March 2011 -  Peter Adams - cello

J S Bach – Cello Suite no 3 in C major, BWV 1009,  Gordon Jacob – Cello Serenade,  Britten – Cello Suite no 3, Op 87

Thursday 14 April 2011 - Hayley Savage and Dimitris Dekavallas – Guitars

J S Bach - Movements from Lute Suite BWV 997, Andante from Sonata BWV 1034 (arr Russell), Nicholas Maw - Music of Memory,  Hayley Savage - Double Helix, Coloured Strings, Dodecaphoniuca,  Piazzolla - Tango Suite  

2009 - 2010
80th Anniversary Season
A celebratory season which paid tribute to English musicians past and present; also linking with biographical films of composers at Gloucester Guildhall, introduced by the director Tony Palmer 
and exhibitions by English artists at
Gallery@the Guild - Chipping Campden,  Fosse Gallery - Stow-on-the-Wold,
Winds of Change Gallery - Winchcombe and Taurus Crafts - Lydney
Films made and  introduced by the distinguished director Tony Palmer at Gloucester Guildhall were as follows:  "Toward the Unknown Region" - Malcolm Arnold,  "A Time There Was" - Benjamin Britten, " At the Haunted End of the Day" - William Walton
Thursday 15 October, 2009 - Zephyr
Holst                             Wind Quintet Op 14 in Ab major
Cecilia McDowell        Winter Music
Paul Patterson             Westerly Winds Op 84
Gilbert Vinter                Two Miniatures
John McCabe               Postcards for Wind Quintet
Malcolm Arnold            Divertimento for Flute, Oboe and Clarinet
Norman Hallam            Dance Suite
Thursday 19 November, 2009 - Angela Brownridge - Celebrity Piano Recital
Leighton                        Sonatina no 1
Ireland                           The Towing Path,  The Island Spell, Amberley Wild Brooks
Whettam                        Night Music
John White                    Sonata no 1
Cyril Scott                     Lotus Land
Leighton                        Five Studies
Thursday 14 January 2010 - The Bridge Quartet
Purcell                            Fantasia
Bridge                            String Quartet no 4
Delius                             Late Swallows
Twigg                             Phantasy Variations on a Theme of Haydn-world premiere
Britten                             String Quartet no 1 in D major, Op 25
Thursday 25 February 2010 - Saint Cecilia Singers
John Sanders                 My beloved spake
Parry                                Songs of Farewell - numbers 1, 3 and 5
Britten                              Five Flower Songs Op 47
Finzi                                 Seven Poems of Robert Bridges Op 17
Arr. Rutter                        Five Traditional Songs
Saturday 27 March 2010 - The Christa Quartet with James Bolam MBE and Susan Jameson
"In Gloucestershire"
A snapshot of Gloucestershire life as portrayed in the words of Gloucestershire poets and writers and in the music of Herbert Howells' string quartet "In Gloucestershire".  Written and produced by Christine Talbot-Cooper.
Thursday 15 April 2010 - Roderick Williams - baritone,  Andrew West - piano
Songs by Vaughan Williams, Parry, Ireland, Gurney, Howells, Finzi and John Sanders. This was a special concert which concluded our 80th anniversary season, bringing an audience from all corners of the country and which included the world premiere of a song cycle based on the Gloucestershire poets,  "The Pine Boughs Past Music", Opus 39,  commissioned by Gloucester Music Society from by Ian Venables


The 79th season celebrated the inspiration of two great cities,  Vienna and Paris,  and the centenary of the birth of Olivier Messiaen,  also paying tribute to Ralph Vaughan Williams on the fiftieth anniversary of his death.

 Thursday 16 October 2008  - English Ayres 

Holst                                Four mediaeval songs

Vaughan Williams         Six folk song arrangements

Anon                               In Wilderness

Robert Johnson             As I walked forth

Henry Cary                    The lady’s lamentation for the loss of Senesino

Vaughan Williams          Two Shakespearean songs

Bliss                                Sea Love

Vaughan Williams          Song Cycle - Along the Field


 Thursday 20 November 2008  - The Emerald Ensemble

Piazzolla                        Movements from "Four Seaons of Buenos Aires"                                   

Bartok                            Contrasts

Messiaen                       Quartet for the End of Time


Thursday 22 January 2009 – Eurico Pereira (guitar) 

“Discovering the music of Sor” 

Sor                                   Grand Solo op 9

Walton                              Bagatelles

Sor                                   Little Stories

Ponce                              Thème Variée et Final

Pereira                             O Idílio de Évora op 10

Sor                                   Sonata op 25


Thursday 19 February 2009 - English Piano Trio  

“The Viennese Tradition” 

Haydn                              Trio in C, Hob XV21

Beethoven                       Trio in C minor, Op 1 no 3

Schubert                          Trio in B flat, D898


Thursday 19 March 2009 – The Heath Quartet 

Webern                            Langsamer Satz (1905)

Berg                                 Lyric Suite

Schubert                          String Quartet no 14, D810 in D minor "Death and the Maiden"


2007 - 2008

A celebration of music and musicians from Eastern Europe. Also planned as an 80th birthday tribute to Graham Whettam but became a celebration of the composer's life after his death just one month before his 80th birthday.


 Thursday 11 October 2007 - Goldstone and Clemmow Duo

 Brahms - Hungarian Dances, Whettam - Ballade Hebraique, Gorb - Yiddish Dances, Whettam - Fantasy, Dvorak - Symphony no 9 in E minor "New World"



Thursday 8 November 2007 - The Skampa Quartet with Laurene Durantel (double bass)

Haydn - String Quartet Op 76 no 5, Janacek - String Quartet no 2 in D "Intimate Letters", Dvorak - Double Bass Quintet in G Op 77


Thursday 10 January 2009 - Kodaly String Quartet

Haydn - String Quartet Op 54 no 1, Bartok - String Quartet no 5,  Kodaly - String Quartet Op 2 no 1


 Thursday 14 February 2009 - Angela Brownridge

Beethoven - Sonata in F, Op 57 "Appassionata",  Debussy - Estampes, Gershwin - Three Preludes, Chopin - Polonaises:  Op 26 no 1, Op 71 no 2, Op 53, Scherzo in B flat minor, Op 31


Thursday 13 March 2008 – The Atrium String Quartet

Mozart - String Quartet in B flat K589, Shostakovich - String Quartet in F sharp No 7, Op 108, Nurymov - String Quartet no 2 "In memory of Indira Ghandi", Borodin - String Quartet no 1 in A   

2006 – 2007


The 78th season celebrated the 250th anniversary of the birth of Mozart and the centenary of the birth of Shostakovich


Thursday 12 October 2006 - The Fujita Piano Trio

Mozart - Piano Trio in C, K548, Shostakovich - Piano Trio no 2 in E minor, Op 67, Smetana - Piano Trio in G minor, Op 15


Thursday 30 November 2006 – Donald Maxwell (baritone)  with Rebecca Rudge (soprano) and Eleanor Meynell (piano)

 A varied programme ranging from operatic solos and duets to songs by Flanders and Swann.


Thursday 8 February 2007 – The Oriel Singers   

Music by Bach,  Elgar,  Howells,  Frank Martin,  James Macmillan and Ward Swingle


Thursday 8 March 2007 – Academia Wind Quintet Prague 

Mozart - Divertimenti K270, Ibert - Trois Pièces Brèves, Tchaikovsky - Nutcracker Suite arr Pok, Wind Quintets by Reicha,  Pavel Haas and Danzi


Thursday 19 April 2007 – The Carducci Quartet – with Wesley Duggan 

Haydn  - String Quartet Op 50 no 6,  Shostakovich  String Quartet no 9 Op 117,  Mozart -Clarinet Quintet


2005 – 2006 


The 76th season celebrated the glorious heritage of English music,  combining this with some treasures from Spain.


Thursday 20 October 2005 – The Deakin Piano Trio


Frank Bridge - Phantasy Trio, Turina - Circulo for Piano Trio, Mendelssohn -  Piano Trio in D minor, Op 49, plus violin and cello solos from England and Spain



Thursday 24 November 2005 – Noise of Minstrels 

Music from the 16th century performed on a variety of period instruments


Thursday 12 January 2006 – María Garzón  

A piano recital featuring music by the Spanish composers Soler,  Albeniz,  Rodrigo, Yague and Granados plus piano music by Elgar


Thursday 2 February 2006 – Ruth Waterman (violin) and Florian Uhlig (piano) 

Mozart - Sonata in E minor K304, Bach - Unaccompanied Sonata no 3 in C BWV 1005,  Prokofiev - Sonata no 2 in D Op 94a


Thursday 16 February 2006 – 51 Strings: Katherine Thomas (harp), David Powell (cello) 

A programme of music from England and Spain


Thursday 23 March 2006 – The Cappella Singers  

A programme of sacred and secular music from renaissance Spain to modern day Gloucester


2004 – 2005 


75th anniversary season:  The Gloucester legacy – a celebration of English music and musicians including a tribute to Herbert Sumsion,  founder of Gloucester Music Society.  The series was in memory of the late Dr John Sanders OBE, who worked tirelessly for the Society for over thirty years.


Thursday 28 October 2004 – Voice,  Violin and Virtuosity – Jeremy Huw Williams (baritone),  Madeleine Mitchell (violin),  Nigel Foster (piano)

Music by Purcell,  Finzi,  Vaughan Williams, Julian Anderson,  Elgar,  Rawsthorne and Ivor Gurney,  including the world première of songs by William Alwyn


Thursday 18 November 2004 – The Montpellier String Trio 

Music by Mozart, Beethoven, Finzi, Robert Simpson and Colin Twigg


Thursday 27 November 2004 – The Lichnowsky Piano Trio 

Music by Malcolm Arnold,  Herbert Sumsion,  John Ireland and Malcolm Lipkin


Saturday 4 December 2004 – Celebrity Recital by Ian Brown


Music by Bach, Beethoven, Ravel and Liszt



Thursday 24 February 2005 – The Elgar Chorale 

Music by Parry,  Elgar,  Sumsion,  Finzi,  and Vaughan Williams


Thursday 24 March 2005 – Oboeworks 

Music by Vanhal,  Britten,  McGarr,  Schubert and Francaix plus the world première of the Oboe Quartet by John Marsh


2003 – 2004 


The 74th season was a celebration of French music by leading French performers and interpreters.


Thursday 16 October 2003 – The Feinstein Ensemble 

Music by Rameau,  Leclair,  Telemann,  Handel and  Marin Marais


Thursday 13 November 2003 – Quatuor Parisii with Ashley Wass 

Quartets by Haydn and Debussy plus the Piano Quintet by Vierne


Thursday 12 February 2004 – Peter Bradley-Fulgoni

Piano recital including works by Beethoven, Rachmaninov, Schoenberg,, Debussy and Ravel


Thursday 4 March 2004 – Andrew Nethsingha

A recital on Gloucester Cathedral organ of music by Franck, Vierne,  Langlais,  Alain,  Lefébre-Wély, Messiaen, Demessieux and Dupré


Thursday 25 March 2004 – Ensemble  à Vent Paris-Bastille 

Wind music by Mozart,  Baccri,  Bozza and Schultz performed by a superb French wind ensemble


2002 – 2003


The 73rd season featured a celebration of Russian music by leading Russian performers and interpreters,  and the commissioning and world première of a Piano Trio by Graham Whettam 

Thursday 10 October 2002 – Olga Tverskaya 

A fortepiano recital including music by Tchaikovsky,  Laskovsky,  Field and Glinka


Thursday 7 November 2002 – Yuri Kalnits (violin) with Jeremy Limb (piano) 

Music by Schnittke,  Schedrin,  Glazounov, Prokofiev,  Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich and Mussorgsky


Thursday 9 January 2003 – The Rubio Quartet 

Quartets by Haydn,  Shostakovich and Borodin


Thursday 20 February 2003 – The Israel Piano Trio 

Trios by Schubert and Tchaikovsky plus a specially commissioned trio by Graham Whettam celebrating his 75th year.


Thursday 20 March 2003 – The Premiere Brass Quintet with Stephen Cutting (trumpet) 

Music by Bach,  Albinoni,  Tchaikovsky,  Bohme,  Britten,  Rimsky-Korsakov, Evald,  Horowitz and Berlin.



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